In addition to the many services Long Beach State provides, the university offers all students free 24/7/365 access to an online program called Financial Literacy 101. Students can interact with 10+ workshops that help them create a budget, track their spending habits, set their financial goals, save for a car or house, navigate the workplace, and much more.

Instructions for how your student can access the program are covered in SOAR Orientation and on the student page. To protect your student's privacy, here are some important facts you should know:

  1. Your student will create an individual, private account
  2. LB State does not have access to any information except:
    • Student ID number, name and email address
    • Progress through the course
    • Quiz scores
    • Completion certificates
    • Your student's evaluation survey of the program

LB State is dedicated to helping students flex their financial muscles, make the most of their money, and make smarter financial decisions throughout college and beyond.


Financial Wellness Center

Looking for more? Try our Financial Wellness Center. Each week, we feature a new financial education theme. You can also explore featured articles, videos and try over a dozen calculators and financial assessments.

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