In addition to all the services CSULB provides, we offer an online tool to assist students with financial literacy education.

Helping your child prepare for the financial challenges of college life is important - not just for helping them avoid distracting financial problems, but to help them develop sound financial habits that can reduce overall college debt and help to lay a solid foundation for life after college.

One way CSULB educates students is through Financial Literacy 101, a 90-minute online financial education program being used by colleges and universities around the country. Financial Literacy 101 will empower your child to make well-informed decisions about money, from avoiding credit card debt to finding the best deals on banking.

Because you are an important influence in your child's life and to help you discuss financial literacy with them, we are making two modules within Financial Literacy 101 available for you to review:

  • The first is what your student will see in the initial 101 module which largely focuses on budgets and credit cards.

  • The second module is specific to understanding the general basics of financial aid.

Instructions for accessing the program are to the right but here are some important facts you should know:

  1. You and your student will create individual, private account usernames and passwords
  2. We do not have access to any information except:

    • Student ID number, name and email address
    • Progress through the course
    • Quiz scores
    • Completion certificates
    • Your evaluation survey of the tool

As part of Financial Literacy 101, we hope you find it helpful to see the types of questions your child is faced with during the program. However, please note that it is not essential for you to answer the questions correctly while taking the course since most are geared to the financial challenges of students.

We are confident that Financial Literacy 101 will help to ensure your child's success at CSULB and in the future.


Instructions for Accessing Financial Literacy 101

For the 90-minute module your student will take:
  1. Visit Financial Literacy 101.
  2. Go to "Need to Register?" and enter: CSULB Parents.
  3. Create your user name and password. Begin the workshops.

Financial Aid 101
After you have created your account, if you would also like to access the additional module on understanding Financial Aid:

  1. Log back into the system through Member Access.
  2. Click the Courses tab, click Add a Course, and click on Financial Aid 101.
  3. You have access to all of the other workshops, too!