Faculty and Staff

Using Financial Literacy 101, students complete a 90-minute online financial education program to learn and assess financial attitudes, personal economic tendencies, budgeting, credit and self-efficacy. Students create their own username and password and then have access to another 60+ modules of financial information for the rest of their lives. This tool also has progress and completion tracking capabilities for evaluation.

This is part of the Student Services Division, Student Learning Outcome Initiative to increase student and parent financial literacy and has already shown great success in the TRIO-Student Support Services grant.

Current participating programs include:

  • Associated Students, Incorporated
  • Athletics
  • Beach Learning Communities
  • Center for Scholarship Information
  • Child Development and Family Studies
  • College Assistance Migrant Program
  • College of Education
  • College of Natural Sciences and Math
  • Counseling and Psychological Services
  • Dean of Students Office - Parent Outreach
  • Disabled Student Services
  • Educational Opportunity Program
  • First Year Experience
  • HSI-STEM Grant
  • Leadership Academy
  • Men's Success Initiative
  • Partners for Success
  • School of Art
  • School of Social Work
  • Student Life & Development
  • Student Orientation, Advising and Registration
  • Student Transition and Retention Services
  • TRIO - Student Support Services Program and Upward Bound
  • University Center of Undergraduate Advising
  • University Honors Program
  • Veterans Services


How to Get Started

Please use the tester site code below to investigate the workshops. If you are interested in incorporating this tool into your programs or courses, we can create your own user information and provide training.

For the 90-minute module your student will take:

  1. Visit Financial Literacy 101.
  2. Go to "Need to Register?" and enter: Admin.
  3. Create your user name and password. Begin the workshops.

More Workshops
After you have created your account, if you would also like to access the additional workshops available to students:

  1. Log back into the system through Member Access.
  2. Click the Courses tab, click Add a Course, and choose the other workshops.

For more information, please contact: Charity Bowles, Executive Director, Education Equity Services