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In addition to the many services Long Beach State provides, the Division of Student Affairs offers all students free 24/7/365 access to an online program called Financial Literacy 101. Students can interact with 10+ workshops including: financial health, budgeting, banking and accounts, credit and debit cards, credit reports and scores, identity theft, financial trouble, real world calculators, personalized feedback, and financial goals.

Financial Literacy 101 increases student abilities to critically think about personal finances, and gain transferable professional skill sets to managing budgets, setting short and long term fiscal goals, and communicating with others about finances. The program uses multimedia modules, calculators, exercises, and personalization tools. Learning assessments are built into the system measuring financial attitudes, personal economic tendencies, budgeting patterns, and self-efficacy.

Financial Literacy 101 serves over 100,000 students nationwide utilizing research-based best practices.


For more information or if you are interested in incorporating this tool into your programs or courses, please contact: CSULB Financial Fitness.

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Looking for more? Try our Financial Wellness Center. Each week, we feature a new financial education theme. You can also explore featured articles, videos and try over a dozen calculators and financial assessments.

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